Rethink your Labor Day Travel Program

Your Labor Day travel might be hampered as Harvey Hits Middle Tennessee as well as Fuel Supplies. Heavy rains lashed Midstate as remnants of deadly Hurricane Harvey finally touched its territory. Warnings of tornado have been issued by Nashville Office of Emergency office and people are being encouraged to leave low lying flood prone areas. Neighborhoods close to White Creek are prone to flooding. Even though residents are not being evacuated now, they are being asked to be ready if weather conditions become worse. 

Bad weather coupled with shortage of fuel

Tornado sirens warning people of bad weather can be heard across the streets of East Memphis. If you had planned a vacation going into Labor Day (it falls on 4 September), you need to rethink over it considering the bad weather conditions and the heavy rains. In fact, you have to brace up for not just bad weather conditions but also inordinate delays on interstate highways. Harvey has hit hard not just the common people but also the travelers as well as fuel suppliers. Be prepared for shortages of fuel at gas stations as supply chain has been hit hard by Hurricane Harvey. 

Harvey struck energy industry of Texas

Hurricane Harvey slammed into the heart of energy supplying state Texas last week. The effects of Harvey are now being felt by not just the people of Texas but also in Chicago, New York, and Houston. Prices of fuel have already hit year’s high at many places and you may be hit hard by this shortage and high price if you are planning to travel on this Labor Day. 


It may be surprising for many to learn about fuel shortage because of a Hurricane, especially when the country stockpiles quarter of a barrel of gasoline to meet emergencies like these. But the irony is that a large part of this reserve gasoline is kept in places that become hard to gain access to in times of massive flooding. Another problem with this fuel reserve is that it is kept in an unfinished state. It has to be blended before it can be distributed at gas stations. 



Hurricane Harvey has brought to the fore a deficiency in the supply system.  Pipeline terminals of the country typically have 5 day supply. And Harvey has forced many of these terminals to either reduce their supply or shut down completely to lead to dry petrol pumps.